JEI MiniBeast MAG Drill

Lightweight & Portable MAG drill, 12mm Twist Drill Capacity, 12-30MM Core Drilling

More details

Compact size and weight - ideal for site work

Internal coolant reservoir - ensuring maximum cutter life

Self correcting slide rails - for maintenance free operation

Light-weight - only 10kg

Hidden motor cable - for added protection.


Model                                          MINIBEAST

Weight                                         10kg

Cutter Capacity                            30mm Ø x2" depth of cut

Twist Drill Capacity                       12mm with twist drill set

Motor                                          1010 watts

Height Min/Max                             Min 307 / Max 377

Length                                         240mm

Width                                          166mm

RPM Single Speed                        350 RPM

Magnetic Base Dimensions            80mm x 160mm

Magnet Deadlift(on 25mm plate)    980kg

Noise Level                                  Does not exceed 95dB

Vibration Level                             Does not exceed 2,5m/s2

Voltage                                       110v or 240v